Not an ideal product strategy.

Making a run in the NCAA Tournament in March is all about knowing how to survive and advance. Focus on one game at a time. Don’t get ahead yourself or you could find yourselves on the wrong side of the buzzer in the blink of an eye.

This may be how you want your team to approach winning a basketball tournament, it's not the strategy you want for your product team. You run a seasonally relevant digital product. You have a specific timeframe during the year where the spotlight is on your product. That spotlight is extremely bright and the…

Best in Show: Accessibility & Simplicity

During the interview process for any profession. Topics will be discussed. Questions asked. The most important question for a product manager to be able to answer is:

What exactly would you do in your role as Product Manager?

This is the answer:

I would define a goal, analyze data/information quickly, use predictive indicators to gain efficiencies, calculate the range of outcomes, prioritize effort, execute plans, identify trends, adapt accordingly, think long term, measure success, audit progress, deliver value. Rinse and Repeat.

What exactly would I do?

That first initial question would trigger several follow-up questions that would multiply into more…

Looking for an emerging market?

Quantum Computing

Figure out the earliest use cases for quantum computing (Spoiler Alert: Probably everything). As soon as AWS or one of the other 48 companies chasing some version of Quantum, they’ll need to offer access to some form of it to fund their obvious ascension into world domination. I’m figuring that when Quantum gets here we’ll be like, yeah, go ahead and capitalize Quantum.

Companies need to leverage it, naturally, the skillset to integrate and harness it will take years to arrive in-house. …

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Preface: There are more than 3. These are generalizations, certainly debatable, often dependant on scaling your strategy.


In the most ideal situation, control over the product is only part of the equation for a Product Manager. True product vision comes with underlying decisions that can impact the entire company. It is incredibly essential that executive leadership understand, embrace, and support that impact.

That may be a lot to ask of your company’s chief officers but the alternative is seeing the results on the other side. Hindsight will be 20/20 when the customer support team gets overloaded or advanced à la…

Micro Strategy

The best product managers understand both micro and macro product strategies can make a sizable impact. Knowing how to dial in or out with your strategy is equally as key as knowing when to do it.

Some of the smallest functionality enhancements can boost conversion, reduce cart abandonment, or streamline operations. The example below illustrates how a seemingly minor functional improvement can make a sizable impact. Chipotle recently made it possible for a customer to seamlessly switch from delivery to pick up very late in the checkout experience.

This image illustrates the checkout flow in the Chipotle iOS mobile app.
This image illustrates the checkout flow in the Chipotle iOS mobile app.
Image by Author

It would be easy to understate the value of this functionality. Still…

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